How to Apply

Register now for the upcoming school year.  Begin with a tour of the school by calling the office (701-232-1133).  Together, we will set up a day and a time for the tour.  We will show you the school, give information about our programs and policies, and answer questions you may have about our school.  If you decide afterwards that your child belongs at Children's Montessori Center then fill out the registration form and send it to us.  We do not ask for any deposits but do request that if at any point you change your mind that you call us immediately so that we may open the spot for another child.


Schedule and Fees

Dates: Regular Classes August 31-May 27
Summer Program (2016) Begins June 6

Time: Full Time School Day 8:30-3:15 Monday through Friday
Before and After Hours 7:30-8:15am & 3:30-5:30pm M-F
Summer Program 8:30-3:30 Monday through Friday
Half Day Program Half Day spaces are limited and may not be available upon request

Fees: Full Time School Year  $6750 annual tuition
Half Day Program Depending on precise schedule - visit with Director for more information on part time rates
Summer Program  $1800 full time, 1200 part time
Before and After Hours
See registration forms for before/after school options
Snack/Activity Fee: $200 per student ($120 for part time) - This one time fee covers the cost of milk and snack provided in the classroom each day, as well as, additional class supplies, materials, and any field trip costs (due with tuition).  

Terms: Annual Tuition
3% discount is given if paid annually
2% discount is given if paid in 2 semesters
10% sibling discount is given when you enroll more than one child at a time. This applies only to siblings who are full time and attend five days per week.
Lunch - A cold lunch brought from home is welcome.  We have a school lunch also for a cost of 2.50/lunch.  School lunches are tracked and billed monthly.

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