Miss Camille, Director of Education

Camille Brandt I am very proud of our school. The teachers, assistants, and administrators have a deep respect for children and a true belief in the capacity for each child to learn. I share these values.

I am a professional educator who has taught children in multi-age Montessori settings for grades K-6. I recently earned my Doctorate in Education. I am an assistant professor at Minnesota State University Moorhead. I teach classes in literacy, classroom management, and assessment at MSUM.

My role at Children's Montessori Center is to provide support to teachers and families and to assist in curriculum decisions. I am also a core member of our development team, and help our school to maintain its vision.

My husband, Jason, and my father-in-law, Bob, are two people I love and respect deeply for their work and contributions to the school. My respect extends to the families of our students and to, of course, the students themselves.

My husband and I live in Fargo with our daughter, Tessa. Our grown children attend college and work in the area. We cherish the time we spend together and are proud of each of our kids. I love to read, travel, and visit as many art exhibits as I can each year. As a life-long learner, I am immensely content in my profession as an educator, and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with your child.

Mr. Jason, Administrator/Director

Jason Brandt I have been going to school since I was four years old. As a young child I attended schools in Tennessee, Wisconsin, Texas, and Minnesota. After graduating high school, I attended Bemidji State University where I obtained my degree in Elementary Education. Then, I began my teaching career at Moorhead Public Schools where I taught grades Kindergarten to 4th Grade. Currently I help lead Children's Montessori Center and am working towards my master's degree in Education Leadership through Minnesota State University at Moorhead.

I was introduced to Montessori education about 10 years ago and was immediately drawn to the philosophy that each child is capable of learning through discovery in a prepared environment designed to inspire. As I learn more, my passion for Montessori education continues to grow.

Working with children has always been the joy of my work. It is our desire to have a beautiful and peaceful school for children to come to. I have met many wonderful families through the years at Children's Montessori Center and have made many friends as well. I look forward to working with and meeting new families and a continued joy in what I do.




Bob Brandt, Administrator/Owner

Bob Brandt I grew up in Hibbing, Minnesota, a small mining town in the North East corner of that wonderful state. After graduating from Hibbing High School, I attended Hibbing State College. In the early 70's I began my career in the retail food business. I was responsible for a group of stores while holding the position of General Manager for my own retail unit. I was a member of various civic organizations including different Chamber of Commerce and Kiwinas chapters throughout the state of Texas. I received various recognition awards while in the grocery business but the one I am especially proud of was called "Heroes for Children" presented by then Governor of Texas, George Bush. I retired in 2005.

While most people retire and move South, my wife Rosemary and I were lured out of the state of Texas by our wonderful grandchildren. We moved back north to Alexandria, Minnesota. There, we enjoyed being closer to two of our sons, Todd and Jason both of whom lived in Fargo, North Dakota. We have a third son Jon who lives in Portland, Oregon. We currently reside in Moorhead, Minnesota.

The format for the Children's Montessori Center was enthusiastically researched and formulated in late 2005 by my wife and me along with my son Jason and his wife Camille. My two other children Todd and Jon also played a big role in the school. Todd hand crafted a great deal of the furniture while Jon created the web site for the school. The heart and soul of the school belong to Jason and Camille.

It is my goal that the school provides the best possible learning environment for the children. I stand behind our mission statement: Our commitment and passion will guide us to provide the highest quality of early childhood education where students thrive as respectful, joyful, healthy children.

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