School Uniforms

Beginning Fall 2009, Children's Montessori Center will be requiring school uniforms for all students..

Why has Children's Montessori Center decided to have students wear school uniforms? Children's Montessori Center is one of the few Montessori schools in Fargo-Moorhead to require uniforms. This decision reflects our desire to guide students towards viewing themselves in a loving, kind way. As Montessori teachers, we can introduce the children to many wonderful experiences and ideas because of their keen desire to learn. Clothing articles can be distracting and may lead to an artificial sense of regard not based upon personal characteristics, words, or actions. The values we teach the children will grow to reflect kindness and respect for self and for all people. Thus, the children will be free to create, to learn, and to express themselves through their words and deeds.

Our philosophy is that clothing should be constructed durably and should be free from distracting embellishments, pictures, or slogans. Shoes should protect the feet and enable the student to play safely and actively on the playground. Clothing should be seasonally appropriate and comfortable regardless of the weather. Our school colors are navy blue, light blue, khaki, white, and plaid patterns of these colors. These were selected because of the many retailers which offer high quality, low cost clothing items in these colors, including JC Penny, Target, Kohls, Old Navy, etc. Suggested clothing items include long pants, skirts, shorts, jumpers, capris, polos, cardigans, sweaters, and blouses. Blue jeans may be worn on free-dress days only (every Friday).

Our policy on dress is intended to support active, engaged learning and play. We appreciate your support in following these guidelines. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Camille. Thank you!

Colors: navy blue, light blue, khaki, and white; girls may wear plaid skirts as well. 

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