Children's House

some band Montessori uses the term "Children's House" to depict the learning environment for the 3, 4 and 5 year-olds. Maria Montessori's methods of teaching are based on the great capacity and desire of very young children to explore their world. At Children's Montessori Center, we use the child's curiosity and excitement to help him or her discover the world, learn to solve problems, and gain confidence, independence and pride. Our "prepared" environment lets the child be involved and challenged by the things around him.

In our classrooms and methods, everything is geared to the children's needs. The children develop a community life through their sense of ownership and pride. Along with socialization, they develop an awareness of and sensitivity to each other on a daily basis. Our organized and stimulating classrooms posses an atmosphere of warmth and relaxation which invites a child's participation and self-development.

Sensorial Development Activities

Sensorial activities assist the child in understanding the information he receives from his environment to help the child discriminate, appreciate and understand his world. These activities involve the use of music, sounds, smells, and concrete objects to stimulate and exercise their senses of hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell. Some of the objects used include blocks, towers, rods, sound cylinders, smelling bottles, touch boards, fabrics, color tablets, geometric solids, and an abundance of music activities.

A sample exercise to build coordination and perception would have the child create a horizontal stair or vertical tower out of cubes of differing sizes. As the child progresses in this exercise, he is asked to build the simple structure with his eyes closed to further enhance his senses.

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