some band Children who participate in our Kindergarten program of Montessori Education gain insight into the diverse offerings of their world. As independent, self-directed learners, children learn to read and then read to learn. A rich array of books and resource materials enhance the prepared environment as the children explore meaningful topics in the areas of culture, science, geography, and language.

Geometry and mathematical operations and concepts are introduced via a spiral approach to teaching. The children learn by manipulating materials during problem solving tasks which grow more complex over time. Social skills are nurtured within a caring, peaceful classroom. Art and music are integrated into the curriculum through thematic units and are presented in small group experiences as well.

A strong respect for nature and for mankind is modeled throughout the school. Children cultivate and care for many plants, and vest themselves in community service learning projects. Overall, the young child educated in a Montessori classroom learns about the world, about self, and about others.

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